Wild Eye Portfolio of Gillian Blekkenhorst

Product Design & Prototyping

I create and build comic books and pins. I also enjoy just making things for my home and for art. When I don’t know how to do something, I research it. And if I want to make a lot of something or need something done outside of my skill level, I call around and get quotes, make sure it can be shipped for a reasonable price and by a deadline, and make sure I check out reviews of the service provider I have in mind to make sure previous clients have had good experiences.


I do illustrations for my own personal use and for clients. I can work in a lot of different styles.  I love working with typography, and I can work very quickly when nessessary. I also like making 3D models as illustrations. The trees below were a 3D model I then pixelated in Photoshop.

Graphic Design and Promotion

I’ve done graphic design work, both for my own personal brand promotion and for clients presentations.



During my time as an assistant at alter ego, I spent a lot of time going through other peoples packaging files to pull out logos, and got experience working with many brands style-guides.  I also got to work on some storyboards for 3D animated commercials for Tim Hortons, create 3D models for animation, and learnt some video editing (Final Cut Studio) and motion graphics (Adobe After Effects.) Also, I maintain my own brand for the products I make for my comic book productions.