the unfathomable siblinghood is a game design microstudio under extreme time constraints and with only the very best of intentions.

BBQ Postponed

Your entire apartment complex has been shook by a terrible murder that has threatened the community BBQ. But all your neighbours are also very cute?

A murder mystery/dating sim created for Feb Fatale 2017.

coming soon

Swamp MD

You’re sick, and the only cure for your sickness is deep in the swamp.

A point and click adventure game made for DreadJam 2016.

Play the Beta Version!

analysis complete!

You are a child investigating the fields around your home after a meteor shower. Using your trusty toolkit you collect fragments and search them for clues about other worlds.

A point and click adventure game created for the ROM Game Jam 2016.

Play the Beta Version!

aggie vs the forest

Your car breaks down in the middle of the forest and you are forced to ask the locals how to get out. Some of the locals are jerks.

A point-and-click adventure game created for a game jam.


coming soon