gillian blekken­horstproduction design & illustration

I am a production designer. I help design and provide illustration for all kinds of projects. I work with clients to quickly and efficiently translate their ideas into whatever visuals are required to best communicate with their investors or production team, and create animated or static assets for your project.

I am available for contract or freelance work on your commercial, film, game, theatre or independent project. I also have packages available for those seeking illustration and graphic reference for their pitch or grant application.




about gillian

i am an illustrator based out of Toronto, Ontario. I grew up in Northern Ontario and talk about it all the time. I Went to OCAD and Sheridan for courses in Illustration and Animation, and I have a Bachelor of Design in Illustration from OCAD.

  • Illustration
    • Drawing
    • Vector Illustration
    • Pixel Art
    • 3D modeling
    • Storyboarding
  • Programming
    • HTML5
    • Javascript
    • Unity
  • Interests
    • Multimedia
    • Film
    • Animation
    • Comics
    • Games
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